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What to eat ?


◊ Cherry, grapefruit and spices
◊ Cherry and rhubarb
◊ Plums, almonds, honey, orangetree flower water
◊ Plums, apples, peaches and cinnamon

◊ Peach, greengage, rhubarb and rosewater
◊ Plums, rhubarb, three spices, caramel
◊ Pumpkin, chestnuts, apples, aniseed

A unique recipe : picture François with his Japanese cutlery give him citrus, cucurbits or other fruit, flavourings and sugar.
He will concoct jams with amazing flavours, the result of the skilful blending of fruits and aromatic plants, of which here are a few examples to excite your curiosity and taste buds:

◊ The " Pampot Abricot" a blend of grapefuits, apricots,
pumpkin and cardamom tea

◊ The " Pofrugin ", a blend of apples, other fruits and ginger

◊ Plum Jam with honey coated almonds and orange water flower

◊ Autumn-Winter Jam, a mix of pumpkins, apples, and chestnuts with a touch of aniseed flower tea

And many more to savour in season with your breakfast or dessert.

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